So Much Was Said in the Silence Between Us

We occupied the same space for seven hours today. Not much was said but what was said was important stuff. I remember a time when talking was so easy. There was so much I wanted to tell you today. For a long time there has been so much I have wanted you to know. I love you. I know. I tell you that every day. So what. What does that mean when my actions don’t always convey what I really feel? Parenting out of fear is never a good thing. I guess I need to learn to let go of my fears and trust you. And trust the world. I wanted you to know that I believe in you. I wanted you to know that you have a lot to offer a relationship. That I know being a teen is awkward and relationships are not easy for you. I wanted you to know that is okay and normal. I wanted you to know that your best days are yet to come. I didn’t know how to say it the right way. So, I just said it. And you listened. Thank you. I think we’re gonna be alright.


7 thoughts on “So Much Was Said in the Silence Between Us

  1. Your strength and your honesty is admired. I can’t imagine parenting a teenager at this point (mine are 5, 3, and 1), but it sounds like you showed your child the love and attention and support that he/she needed at that moment. It’s so hard to be a teenager.


  2. Silence is powerful. Your teen knows that you are there for him/her and will need you in more ways than they are even prepared for.

    Good luck 🙂


  3. Your short entry is powerfully written. As a parent I can also feel your love, your frustration, your caring and your worry. All of us have felt these strong emotions with our children and you stated them succinctly and emotionally. Well done.


  4. Sometimes what we say is not near as enduring as the love from which it is said. As parents we seldom have all of the right answers, and lucky for us, our kids are resilient and continue to be okay. Love will remain when all else fails! Continue loving and caring your teen!


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