My OLW – Gratitude

My chair   I am grateful for a schedule-free morning. I have been sitting in my chair for several hours now. It’s totally self-indulgent. I do realize that. I am grateful for my chair. It is a sturdy, yellow, leather club chair purchased just before Tanner was born. He’ll be twenty this summer. This chair is well worn and does show its age. It also shows the claw marks of more than one cat which is why its back is against the wall. I am grateful for its ample size. I can curl up with my legs on the seat, the most comfortable way for a shorty to sit. Lest you think that I am a completely self-indulgent sloth I will tell you that I have gotten a lot done today already. I have been reading Slice Of Life posts and commenting on them. I finished reading El Deafo and reviewed it on I recommended it to my husband, Dan, who is now reading it in the living room. I drank my morning coffee, let the dog in and out an in and out, and welcomed my son, Maxson, home from his training weekend for Gerber Scout Camp. I am checking in with Dan about the week’s schedule and monitoring Maxson’s progress on his research paper. I just ate my lunch curled up in my chair. I think I could rule the world from my chair. There is also a lot I have not done today. I have not taken a shower nor have I changed out of my jammies. I have not used the vacuum that is lying next to my feet. I have not put away the piles of folded clothing taking up space on the dining room table. I have not yet gone in to school to decorate my door for March is Reading Month. I have a lot to be grateful for in my life. Right now I am most grateful for the ability to do what I feel like doing instead of what I have to do. What a luxury!


5 thoughts on “My OLW – Gratitude

  1. Sounds like a wonderful day. I loved reading El Deafo and am glad that it is still making the rounds and being recommended. Those other things will always be there – they will always be waiting for us. Time for ourselves, to relax and read – that’s priceless. Seize the moment to hold onto them tightly!

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  2. So great to appreciate your schedule free time. I am sitting in my chair now…although not appreciating it…thinking about the infinite list of things I must do, as soon as I get up.


  3. Good for you for enjoying a luxuriously relaxing day. I like doing things interspersed with sitting and reading or writing. These moments are so valuable! Priceless!


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