10 Things- Right Now

These are ten of the things on my mind right now.

1. It’s late – Maxson needs to get to bed. He has an Algebra quiz in the morning and needs his rest. But, he is a Senior so I should let go and let him feel the natural consequences of his decision to stay up too late. Parenting is always rife with self-doubt.

2. The 50th anniversary march from Selma happened on Sunday. Thinking of Reverend Colleen and her wife, Linda, who were able to march. Can’t wait to hear their reaction.

3. I have a poverty simulation on Thursday. I did one when I worked at Planned Parenthood several years ago. I am really looking forward to going through this experience again with my teacher colleagues. I am hoping for a lot of good conversation around Collins Elementary on the topic of poverty. We are a Title I school and I feel that we need to improve our sensitivity to kids and families who are living on the edge.

4. I am anxious about turning out my light. I am wondering if my sleep will be restless as it has been the past few nights. I might need to try some Melatonin. Wakefulness at night does not make me want to hit the grounding running in the morning.

5. I can’t wait to finish the bulletin board I started this evening about my students’ responses to “Have You Seen My Dragon?”

6. I am concerned about connecting with Carter tomorrow. I recently read an article about connecting with students for 10 seconds per day for 10 days total. It’s the 10 X 10 plan for improving behavior. Mike Pickard, former principal at Meadowbrook Elementary in Kentwood, Michigan taught me the value of building relationships with kids. The relationship is the foundation on which all learning is built. I am struggling right now with Carter. I am struggling to build a strong foundation with him. Right now he doesn’t seem to care about his relationship with his peers. He is very young but his peers are getting impatient with his impulsivity. I am trying to catch him when he is engaged and keeping his hands to himself. I am hopeful that this approach will help him be successful.

7. I am worried about my cat, Scarlett. I haven’t taken her to the vet for a while and she has been sneezing lately. Her appetite seems good and she seems to be acting normally. Still, I do need to make that appointment.

8. I want to be able to get up early to read. I am not good at this at all. I am certainly not a night owl but lately I’ve had a hard time getting out of bed. I am hoping to have enough inspiration to get up early tomorrow morning. I know I’ll enjoy it. I am actually a morning person. I relish an easy beginning to my day. I’ll get up early, make a press of coffee, and curl up with my afghan and “Land Line”.

9. Tomorrow is Wednesday, a very busy day at chez Stegink. Maxson has Boy Scouts. He needs to get working on his final merit badges. I am so proud of him for being withing spitting distance of his Eagle rank. But, he needs to follow through on so much before he turns 18 in less than three months. My fingers are crossed and I am doing the mom nudge.

10. I am looking forward to spring break. I am looking forward to family time. I am looking forward to spending time with my niece, Katie. Katie just graduated from my Alma Mater with her teaching degree. It is fun to have another educator in the family. And have I mentioned how proud I am of her? We’ll have so much fun together on spring break and I plan to spoil her. I am so grateful for my family. Tanner, my eldest, is spending his spring break with his cousin, Brendan, in Asheville, NC. Brendan is Katie’s older brother. We have spent vacations together several times in the past. Some of our favorite family memories are of vacations we took with my sister, Lynnette, and her two children, Katie and Brendan.


4 thoughts on “10 Things- Right Now

  1. I’m not sure my mind can hold ten thoughts right now! The 10 X 10 plan sounds really interesting; I’m going to look it up. Best to the Scarlet, cat. It’s no fun having a sick pet.


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