7 Lessons Learned from Teaching

I have learned so much and I have learned so little. I have come so far and I have so far, far to go.

1. Teaching really is about building relationships with kids. Every child wants to look into the eyes of her teacher and know she is loved, known, and respected.

2. I believe families know their children the best and want the best for them. I want parents to know that we are in a partnership for the success of their child emotionally, socially, and academically. Every year my families are the best!

3. Every day is a new day. A chance to begin again. This is true for me and this is true for the kids. You can be sure that I made mistakes as a teacher today. I am reassured by the fact that the sun will come up again tomorrow and I will again give it my very best shot. I want my students to feel the same way.

4. It is important to plan everything. I need to know what it is I want my students to learn with each lesson. I need to have learning targets posted, refer to them, and ask for personal ratings.

5. It is important to not plan everything. Sometimes our best learning happens when we have a spontaneous class meeting to talk about how name calling makes us feel and breaks the promise to “Be Kind” that we made to each other on the first day of school.

6. Read Aloud is the one thing I will not sacrifice in a busy schedule. It’s too big of a sacrifice.

7. Passion for learning is contagious! If I’m engaged, excited, and learning my students are engaged, excited, and learning!


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