Another Good Day Done

6:20 Clock alarm with NPR

stay in bed while Dan makes “the donuts” (coffee)

listen to Story Corps

6:45 hop out of bed thinking it’s early but it’s late

6:55 Wake Maxson up

7:00 Tell Maxson to get up or he’ll be late for his exam

7:15 eat two gorgeous poached eggs on toast with a cup of coffee

7:30 say goodbye to Maxson and wish him luck on his math test

7:40 Hop in the shower and start morning get ready routine

8:30 arrive at school

8:50 – Young Fives room is set for the day

9:00 start one on one Reading Recovery lessons with first graders

12:15 Lunch of left-overs in Teachers’ lounge

12:30 Greet Young Fives for the afternoon

1:00 – Mr. Stegink reads “The Adventures of Beekle the Unimaginary Friend” as Mystery Reader

1:20 – Third grade Buddy Class – great things happen when multi-age kids come together

1:55 – Friday recess duty. It’s beautiful day!

2:35 – Taking pictures of Griffen washing the tables. I’ll send it to his mom because he is being big boy.

2:37 – Griffen pinches his finger on the spray bottle. It’s all over. He wants to go home.

3:45 – Bus duty.

5:45 – Leave school, go home, touch base with family, change

6:00 Jamberry Nail party at Shelli’s, good teacher talk time

11:00 Home, jammies, blog

12:00 post – another good day. Looking forward to my girl day with Susie tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Another Good Day Done

  1. I love how this post challenges me to read and reread it, using different lenses. The first time I read it, just getting a sense of your day and comparing it to my usual days. Then I read it noticing the times. Then I read it thinking about the choices you made of what kinds of information you included in each line…..I love how your writing has encouraged me to linger and (dare I say it?) close read.


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