I Believe.

I believe that patience is not necessarily a virtue.

I believe collaboration wins out over competition every time.

I believe it’s only dessert if it’s chocolate (with one exception: Creme brulee)

I believe something miraculous happens when multi-age kids come together to learn.

I believe something miraculous when young children and elderly people come together for any reason.

I believe every child needs someone in their life who thinks they are the Bomb!

I believe it really does take a village to raise a child.

I believe every day is a new day; a chance to begin again.

I believe in the power of the human spirit.

I believe every child needs a pet, preferably a dog.

I believe people who do not have pets are somehow flawed.

I believe animals make us better humans.

I believe that reading fiction is a  balm.

I believe teenagers and parents of teenagers need to read a lot of fiction.

I believe in DREAMS!

I believe in second and if necessary third chances.

I believe in family.

I believe that family actually includes people who may not be related to me by blood but who are connected to me through love.

I believe I am my brother and my sister’s keeper.

I believe I am the only person I can change.

I believe in the power of one small voice.

I believe in tomorrow.

I believe in me.


8 thoughts on “I Believe.

  1. I love this! My favorite line is “I believe collaboration wins out over competition every time.” I think if we could all actually grasp this idea, the world, not just our schools, would be totally different in a good way! Wonderful poem!


  2. What a great believe post! I love your line, “I believe it takes a village to raise a child.” It really does. I think the most important line and the one I wrestled with myself was the last one. When I started to write mine, I was laying out everything I believe in and at the end I realized that all of that is me. So I must believe in myself. Awesome!


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