I can’t wait until my kids are grown.

I can’t wait until summer is here.

I can’t wait until I get a full time teaching job

I can’t wait until I’m old encough to be taken seriously.

I can’t wait until I have my degree.

I have wished my life away.

I have longed for until

and my life has passed me by.


3 thoughts on “Until

  1. I catch myself saying “I can’t wait until…” and then I stop and think about it. Yes, yes, I can wait. The moments between here and then are important too. Your words are powerful and are a great reminder of mindfulness and living now.


  2. Wow. We were on the same wavelength yesterday, weren’t we?! I love this. I was just sitting in a student summit – preparing kids for high school and the presenter talked to them about a “Key of Excellence” called “This Is It” – that’s what that key is all about. Enjoying the moment. Not always wishing for the next thing. Such an important reminder in your writing.


    • Thanks for stopping by to read and comment. I feel guilty as a parent because I have not done a very good job of letting my own kids know this is it. I’m always talking about how they can improve for tomorrow. Thank you for your comment.


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