My sister is 18 months older than I am. When we were little I was the tag-along. We shared a bedroom and we shared heartache. When we were in high school she chose one path in life and I made sure I chose the polar opposite. As adults we have learned to accept each other. Flaws and all. We are so different and so much the same. My sister shared some news with me on the phone this morning. All day I’ve had an impending sense of doom. A sense that things are just not right.  She shared some news that she is very happy about. She shared some news that she was reticent to tell me because she knew I’d ask all the tough questions. As her sister I see red flags all over the place. As her sister I am worried that she is making a big mistake. As her sister I don’t tell Mom my true feelings about her special news. As her sister I give Mom the positive spin. As her sister I am very protective. As her sister I reserve my true feelings and wish her the best – because she deserves this small bit of happiness in her life.


2 thoughts on “Sisters

  1. Oh. My. Gosh. The relationship you just described between you and your sister – AND the role you play with your mother – I could relate to 100%. Amazing. It was like I was reading my story written by someone else. Wow.


    • I’m so glad you can relate. Seriously, I am so worried, so skeptical and actually kind of mad at her for being so naive. But, when Mom calls – I will protect her. Thanks for commenting! Nice to hear from you again.


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