Perfect Saturday

Today was one of those perfect days. I slept in. I sat on the couch in my jammies and drank the wonderful cup of coffee my husband prepared. I perused Facebook, Goodreads, and Gmail as the snow fell straight down as though I were inside a snow globe. Then, I indulged in a second cup and spent time on I started coding with my first graders and well…I need to keep up. I made a smoothie – yum. I’m addicted to smoothies for breakfast. We ran some errands in the snowy weather. I rolled down my window as I drove out of the neighborhood. “Happy January!” I yelled to my neighbor. Credit Union, gas station, health food store, wine store. Errands complete I sat myself on the couch once more with a throw on my lap for warmth along with my Chromebook. I perused Reading A-Z, a summer slide white paper, for rates on flights to Bankok, Minimalist Baker blog, and Reading Strategies Book community Facebook page. Cooked Curried Beet Soup with Tandoori Chick Peas with my husband and ate it in front of a roaring fire. Drank copious amounts of wine and watched a movie on Netflix. Life is good!


5 thoughts on “Perfect Saturday

  1. Sounds like a perfect Saturday! I long for weekends that are surrounded by nothing but fun things to do…one of these days!


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