That’s Not How I Operate



I really need to learn to do things in moderation. It’s not like me to take it easy. It’s all or nothing. I’m either going to train for a marathon or not run at all. I can’t help myself. I know myself well. This is why I am reluctant to start new things. It’s going to take commitment. It’s going to take time. It’s going to take a lot of mental energy. So, when my husband said we should join the new YMCA in December, I was reluctant. I knew what I was in for. Sure enough. Just one yoga class was all it took. I felt so good, so strong. Who wouldn’t want to feel like that every day or at least every other day? So for eight weeks I became a yogi. I was getting so strong and flexible and I was able to hold my own in classes with yogis half my age. (okay, I’m either competitive or delusional) In my free time I even watched yoga videos: How to do a headstand. How to do Crow Pose. How to do Bird of Paradise. And then, it happened. That slap in the face that said, “you are not twenty-five years old”. Right in the middle of slow flow Sunday afternoon yoga class, not even my Power Vinyasa class, it happened. I must’ve done one Chaturanga too many. I descended from plank into Chaturanga to Up Dog and felt the twinge. Wow, that hurt. I did the rest of my Chats  on my knees. I had pulled a chest muscle. I Googled “How long does it take to heal a pulled chest muscles?” I really thought I’d be back on my yoga mat in a few days. After watching videos on YouTube and reading WebMD I realize this healing process may take a while. I feel so defeated. If only I could turn back time, maybe I wouldn’t try to become a yogi in eight weeks.


6 thoughts on “That’s Not How I Operate

  1. Oh Pam! How I can relate! As one 50 something to another (I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for my slice to be unkind in any way!) I can relate! I want to do yoga so badly! I am more the type who reads up on it and watches the videos. I even follow some on Instagram for immediate feedback – but I’m just not that good at getting started. You are my hero! I have a feeling this puled chest muscle won’t keep you down for long!


    • Hi Carrie, I didn’t find your post offensive at all. It was interesting. I am having a hard time growing up I guess. 50 ish? Me? Ouch. It is definitely something I’m wrestling with. I know I’ll be writing about it more. Thanks for always being there to support me as a writer. I appreciate it.

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  2. I empathize.

    I recently trained for 1/2 so that I could run with my wife for the first time, and injured my foot with overtraining. I pushed through it so that we could do the 1/2 together…and now I hobble around. It has been four months…still hobbling on it. So, I have turned to hobbies more suited to those no longer twenty-five…like making our own wine.

    Wine never hobbled anyone.


  3. Sorry about that pulled muscle, anyone can get overzealous, and at any age! Training and fitness sadly at times lead to injuries. Shift to activities that will not aggravate that muscle but keep at something! You are on a good track!


  4. A kindred soul. When I go for something, I go all out . . . until I don’t anymore. The number of started “projects” and “hobbies” in my house . . . I’m trying to learn balance and all that jazz. Good luck with the healing, and don’t put too much stock in WebMD! 🙂


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