Shaping Clay

Day 7

I have a lot of shaping to do.  I admit that the events of my evening may have had a big impact on the way I interpreted this quote. I am a mom of two teen boys. Both are in college. One still lives home with me and the other is 6 hours away. Is it difficult having my child living so far away? Yes. And no. Is it tough having an adult child living under your roof? Yes. And no. Don’t get me wrong. Both of my boys are beautiful human beings. They are in the middle of becoming. Becoming can be particularly trying. On the parents. And on the child. Shaping clay on the potter’s wheel refers more to the parents than to the child I think. I was the perfect parent of a toddler. I was a respectable parent of a middle schooler. I have so much to learn as the parent of a young adult.


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