What a Little Sparkle Won’t Do

IMG_9895My students and I are starting a new writing unit tomorrow. I have been using the MAISA Units of Study for Writing with my first grade classroom. I love these units. They heavily cite Lucy Calkins units of study. We are starting a unit on apprenticeship in writing. We will be looking even more closely at the writers we know and love and trying to emulate their craft. I have to say. I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Tonight,  on my way home from school I stopped at the Dollar Store. I had been in over the weekend to pick up a few things: hand soap because my kiddos are more likely to wash their hands well with nicely scented soap and baskets for scrap paper and a decorative box with a lid for class “problems”to be solved during our class meeting. The dollar store is located near my house and I am a regular. On my soap shopping trip I had noticed some colorful spiral bound mini notepads. Today I realized they are the perfect thing to get my students interested in jotting down and collecting ideas for narrative writing. I picked out a variety of nicely decorated notebooks. There are some with flowers, some with sparkle and some with camoflage. I can hardly wait to let my kiddos pick from the collection tomorrow. They are going to be so excited to keep their shiny writer’s notebooks to jot down their story ideas.


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