How to be a Doting Mom from 400 Miles Away

I have always told my boys, “Fly. Be free. Fly from this nest and experience the world. If you decide West Michigan is the place you eventually want to put down roots, you can always come back.” So my eldest didn’t hesitate to choose a college 400 miles away. While most of my friends get regular visits from their kids on weekends or drive an hour to meet them for a quick dinner, I have to get creative to be the doting mom. His freshman year I tried to establish “the Sunday night phone call” ritual. I think it lasted a month. While I was counting down the minutes til Sunday my son was busy immersing himself in the college experience. I have learned that I can connect in other ways. Give me a laptop and access to Amazon Prime and I can hold my own in the doting mom category. Need groceries and can’t get to the store? I’m on it! Running low on socks? Can your laundry hold out two days? Heading to California for spring break? You’ll need some new clothes. Of course. Give me two days and you’ll receive your package. Is it exam time already? Cherry Republic Cherry Care Gift package with Boomchucka cookies will get you through those late night study sessions. While I cherish the visits I do get to have with my son, I have learned that love also travels well in a Fed Ex package.


3 thoughts on “How to be a Doting Mom from 400 Miles Away

  1. What a great reminder of how easy it is to reach out and love someone. I need to be better about sending “care” packages to my far-away friends. In this world of digital communication, I forget how powerful a little mailbox love can be. Great post!


  2. My daughter knows we’ll keep in touch via: text, Snapchat, email, Facebook, Facetime, Skype, and carrier pigeon! 🙂 She’ll be moving about three hours away, so it won’t be that bad for us!

    I’ve had more than one mom talk about about how Amazon Prime is this generation’s “send me a care package” kind of thing. We’ve got our account running smoothly now (too smoothly in some cases!) and I cannot wait for us to have that kind of experience and her text going “why did I get a case of pistachios??” 🙂


  3. Good for you for being flexible with the ways that you could stay in touch with your son in college. You are ultra aware of what he needs and you have adjusted accordingly – because of course he still needs his mom!!!

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