Multi-tasking Teen

We used to make it a priority to sit down for dinner together every night. We did this right through high school even though sometimes it required us to eat really late. If the boys had band practice or a scout meeting they would have a sandwich before they left the house and we’d have a full dinner when they got home. But now that we have only one teen at home dinner has morphed into something else. When I got home from the YMCA tonight my husband had already left for his dinner meeting. My teenage son and I started negotiating dinner plans. He eyed the jar of al fredo  sauce in the cupboard while my mouth watered at the site of a can of Madras Sambar (Indian lentils). So, we made our own dinners. As I sat down to catch up bill payment, I glanced up and saw my son stirring a pan of sauce with his right hand as he read The Diviners by Libba Bray which he had propped on the counter. This multi-tasking teen makes me smile. He is as adept at fending for himself as he is reading. After all, these are two of his favorite activites.


2 thoughts on “Multi-tasking Teen

  1. I’m imagining you, mom, glancing over and seeing him, your son. reading while stirring. What a neat sight! You must have been really proud – and this is what slicing is all about! You will keep this picture in your memory forever.


  2. While it might be sad that your family dinners are evolving, you should be so proud he is so independent and capable! I loved this glimpse into your relationship–it felt so real and vivid!


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