Date Night

Wednesday nights have evolved as “date nights” over the past three years. Only by happenstance have my husband, Dand,  and I dubbed Wednesdays as “date night”. It all really arose out of circumstance and convenience. Our eldest has been away at college and our youngest (now an Eagle Scout I say with unabashed pride) has attended religiously attended his scout meeting on Wednesday nights. My husband and I started taking advantage of these empty house nights by rendez-vousing at our local favorite bistros. We rotate between two local favorites that have completely opposite atmospheres. One has a “cheers” sort of vibe so that from the moment we walk in it’s table visits from the wait staff and updates on the wedding plans and the new puppy. The other is a litte more discreet. We take our regular high top table in the corner and receive only nods and knowing glances from the servers. Both places are lovely and understated. They both feel like a home away from home. Except at these homes I don’t have dish duty.


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