Book Stacks

Over the winter holiday I experimented with constructing a stack of books to look like a Christmas tree. I built it atop of the round table in the living room. Then I built one on the fireplace hearth in the dining room and yet another on the top book shelf in the living room. They have kind of become my favorite decorating tweak. It takes a bit of planning and revising. You don’t want to use just any book. I needed a nice squarish book for the bottom of the Christmas tree stack. “Night Watch: A  Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe” by Terrence Dickson was a great choice. Hard covers look best. They have great lines. “Tales of Mystery and Terror” by Edgar Allen Poe near the top. Next up book stacks by theme rather than shape. Food stacks in the kitchen? Coffee table stacks on the living room coffee table? I’m obsessed.


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