Pets and Preferences

My husband, Dan, grew up without pets and he professed that he was not fond of them. My childhood was filled with cats and dogs. Over our 28 year marriage we have had fish, Chinchillas, Guinea Pigs, a Budgie, several cats and two dogs. Currently we have four formerly stray cats. I know.  It’s too many. But how can I turn them away when they come to my door looking for food and shelter? I already had a cat when I married Dan. He couldn’t say much about her because we were a package deal.  But it took twelve years until he would finally agree to a dog. And here’s the ironic thing. They all prefer Dan. And that makes me smile.


2 thoughts on “Pets and Preferences

  1. Haha! I smiled at your ending…isn’t that just how it is?? They love the ones that seem to care the least the most. -sigh- I’m okay being second, I suppose, as long as I get some of the love, too! Sounds like you and your furry friends taught him well. 🙂


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