Nature or nuisance?

It’s a matter of perspective.

A cattail grove grows along a bayou of the Thornapple,

a signpost of a healthy wetland habitat blocks your million dollar view.

Canada Geese nest along the edge of the neighborhood pond. Some elate at their arrival.

Others lament their messiness and aggression fearing for small children,

Coyotes comb the fields and river’s edge for prey encroaching on  a suburban


Is it nature we revere or a nuisance we fear?

It’s all a matter of perspective.



3 thoughts on “Nature or nuisance?

  1. So true, but each have their place. I pray for the coyote and her pups that she finds food. I love your post. I love the geese that we feed at the park. They are aggressive, but beautiful. I tell my children, keep your distance but enjoy their beauty.


  2. It all depends on how we look at it. Something that is one man’s delight can be another man’s curse. I have to admit that a cattail grove blocking a million dollar view made me smile a bit, but I’m sure it doesn’t make the owner of the home smile.

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