The Game

And so it begins…

After a long day of school,

After a thigh burning spin class at the Y on the way home

it’s nice to end the day sitting on the couch

writing slices on the Chromebook, sipping a glass of wine.

As soon rear end makes contact with the cushions,

the naughty pup wants to play the game.

It goes like this,

Grab the dish towel from the towel bar.

Run into the living room,

toss the dish towel, still held between the teeth onto her lap,


If she doesn’t respond with attention, toss the towel on they keyboard.

Be ready to pull it back quickly if she tries to grab it. Growl some more.

Run around the ottoman tossing the towel in the air until, exasperated, she yells, “Go lay down!”

Each day ends with another round of the game,

The dog’s life wouldn’t be as much fun without it,




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