Queen of the Games

Racko, Mom’s favorite.

(just to annoy the kids, actually)

Parcheesi, Maxson’s gift from Grandma and Grandpa upon returning from their sabbatical in India

Rummikub, Scrabble (regular or speed), .


Tanner challenges me to chess for the sheer pleasure of beating me.


Bunco with the church ladies.

Multi-generational Euchre tournaments with the Harris family.

Cribbage. Pegging on the Dreuke game board or on the Ipad.

Sequence, Mancala, Hearts.

Canasta. A family tradition. Queen of them all.





2 thoughts on “Queen of the Games

  1. Ahhhh my best friend loves board games. She is always begging me to play Scrabble. I hate them! I just don’t have the patience of the slow methodical pace of these games. I also can’t tax my brain for that long at a time. I should send her over to you – the Queen 🙂


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