Writing Spaces, inspired by Bonnie Kaplan

My usual space to write is in the far corner of the dining room on my roomy leather chair.  The chair is old, worn, and cat scratched. The fireplace hearth is my coffee table where I rest my coffee mug. My lap is my desk. A view of the kitchen and whoever may be in it at the time is in front of me. The deck and the woodsy backyard are to my right and the fireplace, often on in the winter months is to my left. I can see almost all of the happenings of the household from this spot. At the same time I feel a sense of privacy because I am nestled in one, far corner of the dining room. I feel like I am in the center of the action yet removed from it.


2 thoughts on “Writing Spaces, inspired by Bonnie Kaplan

  1. OK – now you have inspired me for a cool structure for my next slice! I am picturing you all comfy cozy in your writing space. I look forward to “seeing” you on Tuesdays, Pam!!


  2. Hi Carrie, I hope to continue with Tuesdays as well. Last year I made it through the summer and only stopped my Tuesday slices when I started my new job. Hoping to keep on writing through 2016. See you around.


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