Too much.

Stayed late at school to make the room look ready

Nothing like walking into a ready to go room in the morning.

Waiting at home for the freezing rain to hit,

Waiting for Dan to return from Toronto.

“Made it to Port Huron and the temp is 55.”

LIght rain and 34 here and falling fast.

Waiting for Maxson to arrive home after class downtown.

“Careful driving home. Might be freezing rain.”

Waiting for Tanner’s reply to, “How’s Cali tonight?”


Too much.





Queen of the Games

Racko, Mom’s favorite.

(just to annoy the kids, actually)

Parcheesi, Maxson’s gift from Grandma and Grandpa upon returning from their sabbatical in India

Rummikub, Scrabble (regular or speed), .


Tanner challenges me to chess for the sheer pleasure of beating me.


Bunco with the church ladies.

Multi-generational Euchre tournaments with the Harris family.

Cribbage. Pegging on the Dreuke game board or on the Ipad.

Sequence, Mancala, Hearts.

Canasta. A family tradition. Queen of them all.




The Game

And so it begins…

After a long day of school,

After a thigh burning spin class at the Y on the way home

it’s nice to end the day sitting on the couch

writing slices on the Chromebook, sipping a glass of wine.

As soon rear end makes contact with the cushions,

the naughty pup wants to play the game.

It goes like this,

Grab the dish towel from the towel bar.

Run into the living room,

toss the dish towel, still held between the teeth onto her lap,


If she doesn’t respond with attention, toss the towel on they keyboard.

Be ready to pull it back quickly if she tries to grab it. Growl some more.

Run around the ottoman tossing the towel in the air until, exasperated, she yells, “Go lay down!”

Each day ends with another round of the game,

The dog’s life wouldn’t be as much fun without it,



Nature or nuisance?

It’s a matter of perspective.

A cattail grove grows along a bayou of the Thornapple,

a signpost of a healthy wetland habitat blocks your million dollar view.

Canada Geese nest along the edge of the neighborhood pond. Some elate at their arrival.

Others lament their messiness and aggression fearing for small children,

Coyotes comb the fields and river’s edge for prey encroaching on  a suburban


Is it nature we revere or a nuisance we fear?

It’s all a matter of perspective.


Pets and Preferences

My husband, Dan, grew up without pets and he professed that he was not fond of them. My childhood was filled with cats and dogs. Over our 28 year marriage we have had fish, Chinchillas, Guinea Pigs, a Budgie, several cats and two dogs. Currently we have four formerly stray cats. I know.  It’s too many. But how can I turn them away when they come to my door looking for food and shelter? I already had a cat when I married Dan. He couldn’t say much about her because we were a package deal.  But it took twelve years until he would finally agree to a dog. And here’s the ironic thing. They all prefer Dan. And that makes me smile.

Book Stacks

Over the winter holiday I experimented with constructing a stack of books to look like a Christmas tree. I built it atop of the round table in the living room. Then I built one on the fireplace hearth in the dining room and yet another on the top book shelf in the living room. They have kind of become my favorite decorating tweak. It takes a bit of planning and revising. You don’t want to use just any book. I needed a nice squarish book for the bottom of the Christmas tree stack. “Night Watch: A  Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe” by Terrence Dickson was a great choice. Hard covers look best. They have great lines. “Tales of Mystery and Terror” by Edgar Allen Poe near the top. Next up book stacks by theme rather than shape. Food stacks in the kitchen? Coffee table stacks on the living room coffee table? I’m obsessed.