Young Fives Classroom

Learning through play

Dramatic play and table toys

Messy Mondays with painting, gluing, glitter, glitter, and more glitter!

Choice time, quiet time, fun time.

Fine motor and gross motor

Playdough, tongs, chop sticks, spray bottles, sponges, stamps.

Blocks, games, balls

Stories and PB&J partners

Read Aloud, Mystery Reader, Shared Reading, Reading Buddies

Singing, poetry, finger play

Hands on Top Everybody Stop

I’m looking for a friend

How is your engine running?

Tigger, Yoga, Pooh

Make new friends but keep the old

Chit chat, snack, chit chat sharing, chit chat line up

We keep our promises to each other

Frozen color, Frozen hair, Frozen party, Frozen, Frozen, Frozen

Bubbles, wonder, smiles, giggles and more glitter.


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