You’ve Got Choices!

I was inspired by the Slice written by co-slicer MyEclecticDesk who wrote “Too Much Month at the End of My Money” today. It made me think of my own situation. A degree allows you to have choices in your life. Sometimes those without a degree are better compensated financially. But, as I tell my teen boys no one can’t take your education away from you. Your education gives you the ability to make choices for your life. I have a Master’s Degree and a half time,temporary teaching contract until June. But what I do have is self-determination. I have choices. I have the power to make my life what I want it to be. And I have. I was a Legal Assistant for many years. That was challenging work to be sure. I loved the research, conducting investigations, writing briefs and going to trial. What I did not love was working for an insurance defense firm. That means that I worked hard for clients who were usually insurance companies trying not to pay out on claims. It’s hard to feed the soul with that kind of work. My next employer was a non-profit healthcare and education organization. I did Public Relations and Marketing. Now that work fed my soul. I began volunteering in a one on one reading program in an urban school district. I loved my volunteer work and decided to make a change and follow this path. I became a student again and obtained my teacher certification and Master’s degree.

I feel like I am again on the precipice of a new and exciting direction for my life. I am blogging, connecting, and participating in online literacy communities. It’s exhilarating and I feel like my life is so full of possibility. I sat the other night next to a colleague who told me teaching is the worst job in the world. I wholeheartedly disagree! I am lucky enough to have explored other vocations. They’re okay. But nothing, nothing compares to teaching. It is such a rewarding and fulfilling job because I see the impact of my efforts in the eyes of my students every single day. I have choices. I can choose my path and I choose teaching!


3 thoughts on “You’ve Got Choices!

  1. Many people had “opinions” when I told them I wanted to be a teacher. It does have its good days and it’s bad day but the good BY FAR outweigh the bad!!! I love my job and every time I say it people still find it surprising! I whole-heartedly believe we have one one the best jobs ever!!!

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